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another world

February 23, 2015

013There is another world, and it is in this one.

Paul Éluard





January 18, 2015

Winter rain falls

among the leaves 

outside the apartment window.

I remember bright rooms

lit by the sun.

Winter Meeting

January 16, 2015

Seeing all these familiar faces

as if I had been away at the north pole

or they were locked up and are still trapped

in their job prisons and I visiting.

I feel like I am visiting my life when I talk about

what I have been doing.

It is separate from me,

scenes from someone else’s imaginary, never to be finished movie

which changes with each retake.

I have to remind myself that I have lost teeth and weight.

I look older even though I feel better some days

than when I was much younger.

Some days I have to make myself push through the fog.

too often I move, a habitual ghost, leaving no footprints

in the fresh snow.

From January 2014

Magnetic Poetry II

January 11, 2015


Working in Color

January 4, 2015


It has been a while since I completed a drawing. I worked for 3 hours yesterday and finished this and now I am using photos to work on digital iterations. I am still getting to know it. Here are some details and interpretations.








January 3, 2015

Who is here with me?

My mother and a dark brown man.

(I am writing this from the past.)

the dark man is not a man, but a statue,

just outside the limits of wood. My mother

is made of mother. She touches the wood

with her eyes, and the eyes of the statue

become her eyes.

(I am not dreaming this. I haven’t been born yet.)

There is a cloud in the sky

where my father sleeps.

When he wakes up he will

want coffee and a smoke.

My mother will set fire to the statue, and

from deep inside her body, I will tell her

to start the coffee.

For even now,

I hear my father’s breathing change.

Antonio Gramsci, ‘I Hate New Year’s Day’ – translation online

January 1, 2015


I don’t agree with socialism as an automatic fix for this kind of rigid chronological thinking. I think people will always be prone to thinking in the arc of story and linear progression. It is part of how we cope with the uncertainties of random events, but the more we can pull ourselves away from fixating on turning points and rigid structure and see the flow and waves of interconnection and interaction that surround us all the time, the more we will be successful at solving the problems we face as humanity.

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:

occupationThis text was first pub­lished in Avanti!, Turin edi­tion, from his col­umn “Sotto la Mole,” Jan­u­ary 1, 1916.

Translated by Alberto Toscano for Viewpoint.

Every morn­ing, when I wake again under the pall of the sky, I feel that for me it is New Year’s day.

That’s why I hate these New Year’s that fall like fixed matu­ri­ties, which turn life and human spirit into a com­mer­cial con­cern with its neat final bal­ance, its out­stand­ing amounts, its bud­get for the new man­age­ment. They make us lose the con­ti­nu­ity of life and spirit. You end up seri­ously think­ing that between one year and the next there is a break, that a new his­tory is begin­ning; you make res­o­lu­tions, and you regret your irres­o­lu­tion, and so on, and so forth. This is gen­er­ally what’s wrong with dates. (continues…)

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